Pysanky possess
magic powers

Pysanky could assist in regaining lost love, enhance friendships and even increase the fertility of childless couples.

The mysterious world of Pysanka!

Among Ukrainians there is a belief that the fate of the world depends upon pysanky. As long as egg decorating continues, the world will exist. Ukrainian Easter Eggs became popular all over the world because of their exquisite artistic beauty.

It is believed that Pysanky possessmagic powers, as they protect the owners from evil and bring wishes of prosperity, good health, happiness, and hope for a brighter future. Depending upon their motifs and colors, Pysanky could assist in regaining lost love, enhance friendships and even increase the fertility of childless couples.

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A FIRST! An egg-shaped coin issued by the Royal Canadian Mint!

Designed by Canadian artist Ann Morash, the coin captures the beauty of a pysanka. Every element on this Ukrainian Easter egg is rich with symbolic meaning, including the individual colours: yellow stands for youth and purity; red represents the joy and passion in life; green is the colour of spring, which brings hope and renewal; and black suggests the darkest time before dawn.

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Pysanka-Easter Egg

Book: Pysanka-Easter Egg

We are really proud to present the new amazing story book for kids: Pysanka-Easter Egg. The story has both Ukrainian and English version and will guide you to the world of Pysanka.

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Pysanka has a great monument in Canada

Vegreville, Canada is the site of the largest Easter egg in the world. The Easter egg or Ukrainian 'Pysanka,' was constructed in 1975 to commemorate early Ukrainian settlements in an area east of Edmonton.


Pysanka has an exclusive museum in Ukraine

A short video introducing the Pysanka Museum
in Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivska Oblast, Ukraine.
At this time, the museum possesses a collection of over 10,000 pysanky. The permanent
collection includes pysanky from the majority of
the oblasts of Ukraine.

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Marvellous paintings
by Yuri Macik.

Yuri Macik was born in 1956 in UKRAINE and now lives in Moscow. The artist uses a method of composition, based on the construction of an artistic image of associatively linked fragments of reality. His works are in private collections in many countries including Canada and Ukraine.

youtubeYuri Macik`s paintings
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Easter home Education (#mspysanka)

The main Easter Egg in the world - Ukrainian decorated Easter egg, or Pysanka, is steeped in symbolism and folklore, and has been a source of wonder and admiration for centuries.
Our channel appeals to teachers, parents, grandparents, educators – all those wishing to transmit a meaningful part of their culture to younger generations.

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Virgin Mary Mosaic.

Marvellous mosaic work depicting the Virgin Mary on a wall of the Saint Sophia cathedral in Kiev made by Ukrainian artist Oksana Mas. The panel was made with 15,000 wooden Easter eggs Pysanky painted in traditional Ukrainian style.


Many of books have been written about the Pysanka

Pysanka - Easter Egg is an inseparable part of the Easter celebration and big component of the Ukrainian history. There are many books have been written about the Pysanka: fairytales, master classes, photo albums.

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Pysanka exibited
on greeting cards

In Ukraine post card were mostly used on major Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Eggs, malyovankas (painted eggs), geometric motifs and vegetable egg ornaments reflected on many postcards.

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Exclusive Pysanka`s photo gallery.

A photo slide shows the wooden Easter Eggs (Pysanky) painted by brush. "Malyovankas" or painted wooden eggs are decorative eggs, painted with oil paints and "huashovymy" using a thin brush.

youtubePysanka photo galery #1
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The jeweled pysanka.
Precious Elysium egg.

The jeweled pysanka pendants of Lobortas House are rare and exclusive and objects. Each piece
and element is crafted by hand from gold, and
then inlaid with diamonds and other precious
stones and incorporates several enameling

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Pysanka parade
in Ukraine

Kiev held Ukrainian Easter Eggs Parade. On the
main street of the country carried huge Wonder
Eggs, posted on the old carts. The slogan of the
event is "The coloring in unity." The organizers
believe that this action was the first, unique not
only in Ukraine but also in Europe.

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Pysanka has an exclusive Gucci line

While Gucci's fall '08 collection may have conjured up visions of a hippy-chic revival, the combination of folk textiles, detailed handwork, and "Babushka" tapestries brought to mind Pysanka -- traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs decorated using a wax-resist 'batik' method.

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Spring Easter Greetings
Happy Easter

Pictures of Easter eggs are never random and arbitrary. Each of them has its purpose, its meaning, transmitted from generation to generation and basically does not change. Pysanka is a symbolic trinity: the symbolism of eggs, ornamentation and color.

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Happy Easter Song Sung
in several languages

Happy Easter Song sung in several languages including English, French, Italian and German. Send this song to your family and friends with best wishes of Happy Easter. Bravo Pysanka brings you the best Easter gifts for you and your family for the holiday season.

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Bravo Pysanka
Fantastic video

The largest Easter egg was written in the
spring, before Easter. Spring Easter eggs contain
images of rebirth of nature, flowers bloom
and smells around us, plowed and planted fields,
a new life of plants and fruits - symbols
of the future harvest.

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